Friday, 28 June 2013

                                                     by Montsegur
 My T'ai Chi friend Pat is back from holidays and sent me this nice photo.

I'm back in London for the final session of the four weekend course in consciousness that has been calling me here. I'm still absorbing and working on the concepts and will talk about the ideas and practises  as soon as I come to grips with the work.

The course is very interesting and challenging and in some strange sense familiar as if I am remembering long forgotten experiences and memories.

I have often felt that my family, close friends, and T'ai Chi companions , Reconnection clients,are old connections, that we have known each other before , in previous lifetimes . That we are working together again  learning lessons we need to learn .  Now finally I am meeting people who share and understand these sentiments.  So really looking forward to the insights this weekends work will bring.

Also looking forward to some more walks around London.

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