Sunday, 23 June 2013

I'm in London again and hence not writing much. I'm having such a good time lots of interesting photos and experiences I will share once home and have my own laptop.
It is so invigorating to get out of one's regular ' life' explore new ideas, meet new people , and spend time with friends who lift one's spirits.
I just wish I could upload some of the photos as my mind is full of ideas and stories related to those pics.

Anyway that will have to wait , I'm staying in Kentish Town and spent Friday afternoon in ' The Owl Bookshop, I haven't given myself an afternoon of such blissful reading for a long time . I found fascinating books on neuroscience and magic and neuroscience and pleasure canters in the brain. So much of interest that I am longing to share  . . . But I'm being thrown out of the internet cafe it will have to wait.

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