Saturday, 15 June 2013

Study , Practice, Persist

Whenever I feel stuck in my practise I remind myself that the way out is straight through the stuckness.

Persist , read all available information, talk with people interested in the topic,  ' pray '.

 Keep up the practise , but also open up to new ways of seeing ,  feeling stuck is often a sign of growth, you have become too big for your current  world view or understanding ,  the stuck feeling is often a sort of growing pain , something wants to burst through to conscious awareness. It is there just under the surface making you very uncomfortable unable to settle,  this is good , this is life force that wants to be listened to and investigated.

This is the time to immerse in study and practise , a time to keep persisting and a shift will happen the doors of perception will open a little wider.

 Inspiration will come the prayers will be answered in the form of books , articles , conversations or just insights that arise in silent reflections. So persist and growth is guaranteed.

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