Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Today's Webinar

                                                Susan Shor Fehmi and Dr Fehmi

 In this month's Ask Fr Fehmi  Webinar Susan Shor Fehmi will have a chat with me about the use and benefit of Open Focus attention in the practice of T'ai Chi and all other aspects of my life and work.

 I will share an exercise which I use at the beginning ( and during )  my classes which is very effective in centering our awareness in the moment. A way to bring us physically and mentally into our practice and fully into our lives.

there will be an opportunity to experience Open Focus with Dr Fehmi  when he leads us in one of his exercises.

Following that exercise there will be time to ask questions,  and also to answer the questions that we have already received.

There is still time to register for today's seminar which begins at 6pm  (our time in Ireland )  1 pm in Princeton.
Here is the link to register or to find out more about the Webinar   Dissolving Pain

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