Sunday, 9 June 2013

Open Focus Cross Energy Exercise practiced in a circle.

When we practice this exercise in a circle , we begin by organising the group so everyone knows who their 'partner' is  ( the person directly opposite them in the circle).  It must be an even number for this exercise.
Then we begin the exercise by connecting as a group , we work in peripheral vision  (open focus ) so we are all moving in sync. Then keeping this open focus we include a narrower focus on our own partner within the group. In the beginning this ' double' focus can take a little practice but it gets much easier after a few sessions.
 The exercise develops concentration,  energy awareness, group connection , a sense of achievement when we can maintain this 'double ' awareness for longer and longer periods.
 It is a really fun way to connect and exercise.
 We then move places so as to connect with a new partner , this is a good way to become conscious of individual energy or energy signature.
 It never ceases to amaze me how individual each person's energy is.

Here is the last of the cross energy exercises  that we practice in open focus .  For some strange reason it wouldn't upload yesterday.

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