Saturday, 1 June 2013



                                      Rollback press and push

I'm still reflecting on the wonder of teaching and teachers. Imagine what your life would be like if there were no teachers to share their knowledge.  My mind boggles at the thought.
Being from the first  world I'm taking literacy and numeracy ,  a good second  and third  level education all as natural (and am eternally grateful to all those teachers ).

 Here though I'm reflecting on teachers who awakened me to other levels of consciousness.

There are so many  'states ' of consciousness that would have remained subsconscious in me without these teachers.  I believe we all know these states on a subconscious level but have ' forgotten' how to access them in our current life.

Some part of us knows that there is more to this life than the obvious day to day activity and this part begins to ask questions and search.  This was my experience anyway,  and from talking with fellow 'searchers' and reading about other peoples journeys this seems to be a pretty common story.

Before I began to train in T'ai Chi I had tried to teach myself Yoga and Meditation and had gone to a few Yoga classes and one or two Meditation classes , these didn't resonate with me and I kept searching.
As soon as I saw a photograph of people standing in Rollback posture something deep inside knew,  there was a recognition,  I had to find a teacher. Some 24 years later I'm so glad that I saw that photograph and followed the call.

My body would still be holding a way more tension without those teachers like Jutta who showed me how to firstly recognise that I was holding it , to show me just how uptight I was.  Without that awareness I would be still holding on and never have moved beyond the tension into other levels of relaxation, where one can experience deeper states of consciousness.

 Looking back I can see a path full of teachers , who one after the other awakened new deeper states of awareness.

I know  I would never  have ever recognised more subtle energy levels without my work with Steven.  It was the work we did together that had me searching for a  method to employ that energy  in healing. Intuitively  I felt the energy could be used for healing, or at least I felt I should be using it in that way.

  Reconnective healing jumped out at me from the internet just as Rollback had done so many years earlier.
Once again I knew this was right for me. Again I felt that sense of recognition as I have done with all my teachers. A subtle feeling of deja -vu. A feeling that they are reminding me of something I knew but had forgotten.

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