Tuesday, 11 June 2013


                           Centre your body feeling your feet on the ground

                           and your spine becoming aligned upward.

                           Widen your vision so as to allow all the space

                           around to be present in your awareness.

                           Listen with  your ears  firstly to the sounds close by
                           then allow all sounds.

                           Now bring your attention to the crown of your head ,

                           Listen with the crown of your head .              
                           Feel yourself connect  upward to your source.

                           Relax into the feeling  of  connection , feel the

                           the nourishing energy flow in through the crown of

                          your head.

                          This energy is always there waiting for us to turn to it .

                           You will notice a calm and peace enter your body

                           and mind .

                           Now you are connected and you can connect each

                          time you need some inspiration or direction in your day.


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