Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Life Is Ment To Be Fun !

Life vitality and enthusiasm shine out from this baby.

Looking at his photo lifts my spirits and reminds me to lighten up and smile.

Personal growth needs to be fun if it is drudgery for you you are on the wrong 'road'.

STOP ! and reflect on what makes you smile , what soothes your body and soul?

Right now make a list of 3 people , 3 activities  and or 3 events that have made you smile.

Now pick  one of the people who made you smile.

 Recall their face see it in your mind.

  Remember the conversation or what ever it was that triggered your  SMILE.

 Feel it in your body.

Let the SMILE on your face let it spread out all over your body,  to your heart , to the tips of your fingers , to the soles of your feet. Go On it will only take a few seconds so close your eyes and FEEL the exercise. 

I bet you are feeling better already, Congratulate your self you are taking control of your life. If you want to be happy and more content , if you want to spread JOY  and  LOVE realise it starts within you. When you can find the SMILE inside , you can transcend any external circumstance and bring PEACE and JOY to your world.

Look at the list of people activities and events that help trigger your SMILES and choose to spend more time with those people or doing those activities. OR you can use your imagination like we just did and create your SMILE from inside . How amazing is that.

So go on  have a SMILING awesome day.

With  Love  and SMILES,  Ann

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