Thursday, 9 April 2015

T'ai Chi Workshop April 25'th

                          T'ai Chi Energy Workshop 

           We are Energy Beings swirling molecules in a dance with life.
      When we take time to tune in to this swirling energy and move with it

                  It hears, responds and  resonates with our intention. 

          Experience a Deeper connection to your true essence and energy.

                Recharge and revitalise your whole body, mind and spirt.

                   Join me on this journey to the very core of your being.

     We will move inward and outward through Spirals Eights and Form.

               Connecting to ourselves and others in this  Dance with life.

                  The Workshop will be held in

              Blackrock Community Centre 

              11am - 4pm on  April 25'th

         For more information or to book your place email me




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