Saturday, 11 April 2015

Benefits Of Learning To Consciously Focus Attention

A Zen student once asked his teacher Ikkyu, a fifteenth-century Zen master, to sum up the highest wisdom. The master responded to this enormous question with a single word scratched in the sand:

The student wasn't satisfied and asked him to elaborate . 
Ikkyu wrote , 
                " Attention . Attention. Attention."

Learning how to concentrate or focus your attention is vital if you wants to master life.
It is an essential skill otherwise you will be tossed and turned by distractions and never achieve your goals.
One of the great benefits of T'ai chi practice is that it teaches focus and attention. Each time you correct a posture and perfect it ia little more you are learning this amazing skill. In learning T'ai  Chi you are constantly having to dig deep into your ability to focus and concentrate, one side of your body is moving forward while the other is turning back , left and right hands are rotating in opposite directions. This is very demanding on your concentration and daily practice is a workout for your body,  brain and  energy. You build stamina and focus. This ability to focus spills happily over into all aspects of your life allowing you greater success in work , relationships and  leisure.

There is nothing like a Day of T'ai Chi to recharge your battery and hone your focus.
Come and join me and we will discover the power of practice .

                     The Workshop will be held in

              Blackrock Community Centre 

                11am - 4pm on  April 25'th


           We are Energy Beings swirling molecules in a dance with life.
      When we take time to tune in to this swirling energy and move with it

                  It hears, responds and  resonates with our intention. 

          Experience a Deeper connection to your true essence and energy.

                Recharge and revitalise your whole body, mind and spirt.

                   Join me on this journey to the very core of your being.

     We will move inward and outward through Spirals Eights and Form.

               Connecting to ourselves and others in this  Dance with life.

      For more information or to book your place email me

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