Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Most Treasured Of Gifts

Recently I went to see the movie 'The Theory Of Everything' which depicts Stephen Hawking's life story. It was a truly inspiring story of courage and determination. It confirmed many the beliefs I have come to trust thanks to T'ai Chi and mind training.
In the film we learnt that Stephen Hawking was told he had only a year to live, that was back in 1963 over 50 years ago.
What does he have that allows him to 'break' the rules and live on and on away past the expected time?
It seems clear to me that his active, curious, mind must have a big part to play in his not alone surviving, but working to enriching our knowledge and understanding the Cosmos.
This leads me back to the title of this post 'Most Treasured Of Gifts' .
Consciousness must be my most treasured gift, think about it, even if all one's muscles let one down, the ability to be conscious,  to think and consciously direct one's thoughts is in my opinion the most amazing and precious gift we have.
This is why I meditate, practice T'ai Chi and train my mind in many ways every day in order to become ever more conscious.
Becoming more and more  conscious of our consciousness we can direct our minds and our lives, we can imagine and create.
If we are 'unconsciously' blundering through life it just happens to us.
 Once we take the time to become conscious we begin to realise nothing just happens .
 Our attention and awareness , our consciousness is reflected back to us in our lives.
 Start to pay attention to the thoughts and feelings that are your regular companions and you will notice how they are reflected in your life.
Notice the consciousness of your friends and companions and observe how their lives are also a reflection of their consciousness.
If you begin to do this it will really help to focus your mind on taking good care of your consciousness and you will begin to invest more time in training your mind.
The rewards are immense, to be able to choose your sate of mind, to be able to stay calm in difficult situations, to allow yourself to dream and fulfil those dreams, to enjoy each day to the full, such are the benefits of training your mind to be your servant rather than your master. 

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