Saturday, 25 April 2015

Investigating Energy and Applications

trim.401F3A61-87E5-4868-9290-1698B62A9345 from ann on Vimeo.

A great heart energy exercise such a beautiful soft exchange of energy and attention , healing for body mind and spirit. 

trim.E69DDCF4-D0B1-4600-A99C-0AD7C5E6CEA0 from ann on Vimeo.

Repulse monkey application,  Sara uprooting me.

We had a really interesting day investigating energy, how to exchange it, how to move it in our bodies, both in the physical body and the energetic body.  How to relax into one's physical body and recharge the energy field around the body. This energy work will reap benefits in the days and weks to come.
We all have an energy body that surrounds and interpenetrates our physical body. When we work on the energy bodythrough T'ai Chi Reconnective healing or other energy work it becomes energised  or healed this healing is then transmitted to the physical body which responds and becomes energised and healed .
The energy body is a more sensitive and subtle bodythan the physical body and vibrates at a higher frequency than the physical body, in my experience working on the energy body has a much deeper effect than working on the physical bodyalone. 
 When we work on and energise the energy body,the work is transmitted to our physical body raising it's vibrations to a higher state, this increases our physical energy and this enables the physical body's self healing be activated and enhanced.

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