Saturday, 2 May 2015

A Short Walk By The Blackwater

I have been avoiding this river walk  since Suzie died.

 We spent so much time wandering along this river bank.

And along the high path through the beech wood.

Keeping an eye on wind uprootings,

And seasonal arivals .

It was good to revisit the paths and feel Su there with me.
 Love never dies !
I could feel her company as I strolled along , and as if by magic some walkers appeared with lovely dogs who bounded up  and greeted me with yelps and licks.
I knew for sure she was happy for me to be back on 'Our' walk and it made me realise how sometimes we deprive ourselves of pleasure in case it will awaken pain not realising that in feeling the pain we heal the wound and reawaken to joy.

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