Wednesday, 20 May 2015

T'ai Chi As A Form Of Letting Go

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We worked on  Fair Lady Weaves The Shuttles in the advanced Short Form class last nignt.
 It is no mean achievement to learn a complete Short Form. It takes a strong committment to turn up each week and practice the postures until they 'happen' naturally.
Each time  you commit to the practice, each time you take charge of your body and teach it to do the posture a little better, you are gaining power.
 This is mo small feat, the body resists, the mind resists, your past habits resist, so by turning up and doing the practice you are overcoming a huge resistance and growing your internal power.
In learning a T'ai Chi Form you learn to break habits, each time you make a small correction in a posture you are breaking a 'habit' and creating a new 'habit'.
This breaking down and remaking of the postures will never end and it is an aspect of T'ai Chi training which yields great benefits, each time we break an old habit we open to new possibilities and when we continuously break and remake  habbits we become more flexible. We become more relaxed with the changing nature of life.
 The practice of T'ai Chi ( in my opinion ) is a form of Letting Go. In T'ai Chi practice we learn to Let Go using our physical body, in releasing we Let Go using our minds both are excellent 'tools' to enhance our lives.

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