Thursday, 21 May 2015

All Set For Sedona Style Releasing

Releasing is a form of self enquiry. A way turning inward to recognise yourself more fully.
The method gives us simple ways to deal with relationships so we can have more a more enjoyable and harmonious life.

Do you have issues with people in your life that you would like to resolve
 Maybe you would like a more harmonious relationship with yourself.

 Would you like to learn to love and accept yourself more fully.
Would you like to learn how to set goals for yourself and release your limiting fears and beliefs that keep you from achieving your dreams.

We have never been taught  tools to deal with our mind, so our mind runs us, instead of being our servant it is the boss and we have no idea how to use it to work for us.

In releasing we learn how to use our mind to  'sort our selves out'  on the inside and notice how our internal and  external relationships become more harmonious.

It is a simple tool to learn and using it reaps huge benefits in daily life.

There are still a few spaces left for Saturday's Workshop so why not come along, I promise you will feel lighter and brighter when you are gong home. You will also have some tools to deal with your mind when it is sabotaging your best intentions.

Blackrock Community Centre   
May 23
11am - 4pm  
Cost €35 per person 
To reserve a place
Phone 087 661 6800 or email

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