Thursday, 7 May 2015

A Releasing Workshop , Training For The Mind

Michael and Brendan pushing hands (John Kells exercise) from ann on Vimeo.

In order to have smooth fluid connection you have to train your body. Then connection happens effortlessly. The partner work is beautiful to watch and fun to practice. This takes training, working on your T'ai Chi in order to 'know' and understand your own body and how it responds, and also to working with partners so you learn the art of connection. 

Similarly, if you want to work on your mind, it takes a practice and a commitment. You have to become more conscious of your own mind and how it operates. We often assume that because thinking happens spontaneously that there is nothing to learn or 'work on'. This is a huge mistake. The mind is even more subtle and elusive than the body and in my experience needs to be 'trained ' every bit as much if not more than the body.

When the mind is calm ,clear and alert life flows naturally. We can deal with the challenges that arise with an inner confidence and assurance that all is well and all will be well.
We feel confident so set goals for ourselves, and enjoy the challenge of pursuing them. This to me is what working the mind is all about. It is about learning to deal with the resistance or blocks that the mind throws up , recognising these to be the challenges that they are and still following our goals.

I will always remember Larry Crane saying , " If you don't know where you are going you can't get there." In other words if you don't have a goal you have not set a direction. I like setting my direction and facing the challenges that arise.

Learning to 'Release' my limiting beliefs has been a huge help in  setting and achieving goals . Lester Levensons' methods has given me the tools to understand and work with my mind so it becomes my ally. The method gives a simple way to become conscious of our unconscious blocks.
Those elusive limiting beliefs that keep us stuck repeating old patterns, those habits that drain our energy and prevent us form taking the plunge into new ways of seeing being and doing. 

We will explore Lesters' teachings and how to use them to enhance our lives at the next Releasing Workshop..
This will happen on May 23rd in Blackrock Community Centre. In this session we will work especially on our Relationships. Relationships are so important we have a relationship with everything in our lives from the relationship we have with our own body, to our family , friends, work, and  money.
One of the great benefits of Releasing is that when we let go of a limiting belief in one area of our lives it tends to improve all areas of our lives. This has been my experience with the method and I am looking forward to sharing this amazing tool with more people so we can all have happier more fulfilled lives.
If you would like to reserve a space email me @ or Phone 087 6616  800

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