Sunday, 17 May 2015

Letting Go

Letting Go ( or releasing ) is  about dropping the 'story' that is presently running and coming back to this moment. When we do this, energy that was being used in keeping the story going is released so we immediately have more energy, we feel instantly lighter and brighter.
We often get in the habit of suppressing our feelings,or avoiding them, this takes a lot of effort. We are usually unconscious of this effort because it has become so automatic. Releasing allows us to become more conscious of these habits that drain our energy.   Once we practice releasing we free up a lot of energy and this allows us to move forward with easy and more  confidence.

Right now allow yourself to become more aware of how you are feeling.

 1. Welcome the sensations in your body.

 2. Stop and notice the thoughts passing through your mind.

 3. Just allow everything to be as it is without trying to fix or change
  anything, (as best you can).        

  Give yourself a minute to reflect again on how you are feeling
   after a few seconds of releasing. 

  Notice that you are already feeling calmer and more aware.
  This is how simple it is to  Let Go.

  But don't be fooled by it's simplicity this process is profoundly
  effective in resolving issues, from frustration and anger to depression
  and exhaustion. In fact all emotions can be released so we can become
  free to see life in completely new and interesting ways. The energy
  blocks are cleared so our life opens up in ways we couldn't have

  If you would like to experience more of how this works come and
  join us next Saturday.

 Connect with others who are finding great benefits through the power
 of awareness and Letting Go

 It will be a day full of insights and interesting exercises. 
 I am really looking forward to sharing these skills that allow us to
 live happier more fulfilled lives.

Blackrock Community Centre   
May 23
11am - 4pm  
Cost €35 per person 
To reserve a place
Phone 087 661 6800 or email


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