Saturday, 30 May 2015

Self Appreciation

Listen to your own heart beating it clearly has a double pump. We all know this sound of life happening. The reason for this double beat is that the heart pumps blood to itself first and then to the body.
What a beautiful metaphor for us, if the heart didn't look after itself we would perish, similarly if we don't take the time to nourish ourselves through self appreciation we will not have the resources to nourish and sustain those around us.

It's often a struggle to appreciate ourselves, life is busy and days go by so quickly that  even those of us who work in the 'healing profession ' forget to take some time to self appreciate. To stop and acknowledge the effort and work we do.

I bet that you are just like me and rarely stop to acknowledge just how good you are or how beautiful a heart that beats within your chest.

So stop right now and take a deep breath and say a Big Thank you to yourself for being YOU.

Appreciate yourself and all you do, all your efforts this lifetime to grow and learn.

It's time to acknowledge just how far you have come.

Stop and remember the last time some acknowledged you and really feel it.

 You probably didn't allow yourself to really feel it when it happened so STOP right now and allow it in. Allow the cells of your body to feel that appreciation.

Why not take today as a day of appreciation and just like your Heart begin with  appreciating yourself and just watch what unfolds.

With much love and appreciation to all of you who like me are working to grow more loving, conscious and aware.

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