Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Self Esteeem

I was looking for images to reflect self esteem and this one really appealed .
First of all because how we see ourselves effects everything about us, when our self esteem is low we find it very difficult get into action. I know this well as I have to work on my own self esteem often.
Sometimes my energy gets low I feel a bit depressed and think there is no point in trying any more.
When this happens I'm usually stuck in low self esteem ( often without even realising what has happened).
When I wake up to the problem I can usually see a series of thoughts that have been sabotaging my energy.
Thoughts like "Who do you think you are to teach ? " or maybe  Children should  be seen  not heard " ( and even though I'm well past childhood this thought imprisons me often ).
We all have challenges in life and working on improving our self esteem is really important for without good self esteem we will not have the courage to share our work , share our dreams, share our own journey with others.
I find that it is good to remind myself that I am after all a work in progress, a regular person on my life's quest to figure it all out !
 Like all of us here,  there are many more questions than answers and the answers that come are usually temporary insights that usually need updating as I learn more. Just like this world which is always changing so the answers that seemed so perfect for last year no longer fit this years questions.
I find this very challenging, the idealist in me wants to find a final answer, a permanent solution to the human condition. Realising that it is a journey, that new questions and new answers will always be the way here in this dimension somehow helps. I can relax again, start afresh, become open to new insights and accept myself for the searcher and seeker that I am. No need to be perfect or to have all the answers it is Ok to
just have lots of new questions, or even the same questions framed differently.

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