Thursday, 13 February 2014

Mindful Movement and Roll back Press and Push for Tuesday's Short Form Class

T'ai Chi could ( in my opinion ) also be called mindful movement. As we practice our attention is trained in presence, presence to the sensations in and around our bodies. Through the practice we become attuned to subtle sensations which we were previously unaware of. We learn to listen with our whole being. This takes time and effort but this expenditure of our energy is well rewarded. We learn to appreciate our days, to notice sounds and sights which flash by unappreciated unless we have developed a mindful awareness. This life is to be savoured like a delicious meal. Time takes on a new slower quality when we become mindful in our movement it can even feel sometimes that it has expanded. I notice this especially when we practice a T'ai Chi walk, this mindful walking really changes our perspective and makes me conscious of how correct Einstein was when he showed that time is relative.
You don't need to be a T'ai Chi adept to experience mindful movement just take a few minutes to walk very slowly, mindfully lifting one foot and feeling the presence of the weighted foot on the ground, then consciously lowering the raised foot and rolling it from heel to toe as you gently bring it into contact with the ground. Repeat this slow lifting and lowering of your feet while consciously feeling your whole body. It helps too to shift your vision to a peripheral mode of attention as this will help to relax you into your walk.
Give yourself a few minutes today to experience this mindful relaxation you will be glad you did.

Role back press and push from ann on Vimeo.

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