Sunday, 9 February 2014

Analaura throws new light on old experiences

I'm having a challenging time with my blog posts,  yesterday I just couldn't get my I Pad to publish the one I had written ( you might have  noticed a blank one ! ) and just a minute ago today's got deleted while I was  adding a link.
Here goes again.
 I  went to Dublin on Friday to help at the  IAC introductory  lecture and also to be of help on Saturday morning. It was great to hear Analaura again as it brought all the CPD teaching back clearly. Someone asked about how we recognise deceased people in our OBE's , she said that we often recognise them by their energy and also that deceased people usually appear younger than when they died, they mostly seem middle aged. Analaura explained that one of the ways we can tell the difference between a lucid dream and an OBE is that people such as our parents who died when they were old appear middle aged in OBE's . Now I found that really interesting and it has thrown a new light on experiences I had previously classified as lucid dreams as in Stick insects worms and my mother,   In this one I don't describe my mother as young but that was how she appeared riding the bicycle ( which interestingly enough I never saw her do in real life).    More about Lucid Dreams and OBE'
It is so interesting for me to reread these accounts now that I have heard Analaur's lectures. It really shows me the importance of furthering my study of these topics and encourages me to keep up my efforts at lucid dreaming and ' OBEing ' .

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