Friday, 14 February 2014

Love and Buttons

Whenever someone presses your buttons, when you find yourself judging them and being upset, stop for a moment sink down into your body and acknowledge that they are enlightening you. They are waking you up to some hidden  (or maybe not so hidden ) beliefs or blocks that you do not like within yourself.
Whenever we are judging someone else we are trying to point our finger away from some aspect of ourselves that we are not conscious of. So when we judge someone harshly we are really judging ourselves and that is one reason why judging anyone feels bad. We cannot be ' in love ' when we are judging negatively.
I have been reading Lester Levenson's teachings again and he reminds us that there really is no separation between you and me, that our separateness is an illusion and this means when I'm criticising you I'm doing the same to me and that feels terrible. The bad feeling may be unconscious I may consciously feel puffed up and right in my judging but this masks my deeper feeling of hurt or unworthiness which is the real reason I'm criticising you in the first place.
Stop for a minute and think about the last time you were being critical or judgemental. Recall the occasion in detail relive it if you will. Now meditate on how you felt while in that conversation ( whether it was an internal or external conversation ). If you are like me you will realise that you felt bad, cut off from love. We do not like cutting ourselves off from our true loving nature, so now that you know why you were feeling bad you can do something about it.
Start by forgiving yourself, forgive yourself for being judgemental you didn't realise how damaging it was.
Decide to love the innocent you, to nurture the hurt aspect of you that was somehow threatened, love her heal her, tell her she is OK , she IS Loved . Reassure her that everything happens for a reason life is always working for us ( even when it seems like the opposite is true).  Once you have done this then thank the person or situation that made you judgemental, thank them for awakening you to another internal block.
You don't have to figure it all out the forgiveness brings you back into alignment with your True Loving Nature and this Love will heal all.
I know this works because I use it whenever I find my buttons being pressed and it always brings peace and often brings insights I could not have imagined.

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