Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Awakening to our Higher Nature

The Satsang teacher Catherine Ingram explained  violence, injustice and war as being due to the fact that most people's Buddha's are asleep. I love this compassionate view of mankind. However I feel it is more correct to say that we are asleep to our Buddha, Christ or Higher Nature. I feel there is one Higher Consciousness and we are mostly asleep to its presence.
Last night I awakened at the end of a very vivid dream on this topic.
In the dream I was being taught about how generations ' stay asleep' to our Higher Nature.
In the dream I saw the same street in different lifetimes and I could see that the people were completely engrossed in the appearance of this world with no awareness of their Higher Nature.
Then I was ' told ' that it doesn't need to be like that, we can awaken to our Higher Consciousness all we have to do is ASK. Ask  the Buddha, the Christ, what ever name we want to call Higher Consciousness just ASK It to awaken us to It's presence within us and It will. We are meant to Awaken it is our destiny but it is up to us to ask because awakening will never be imposed on anyone.

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