Sunday, 23 February 2014

Connecting with other Reconnection Healers

                               Dr Eric Pearl founder of  Reconnective Healing

I arranged a Reconnective Meet-up yesterday. There are quite a few Reconnective Healers  in Ireland now
but we don't have any ' group' to belong to, so there are were no gatherings ( that I knew of ) for us to meet and share our experiences in this 'Healing ' method. Seven of us met for a few hours yesterday and it was amazing to get together and share our stories. Stories of healing and our personal stories of how we had found our way to Reconnective Healing. Everyone promised to write at least one account for our next month and I'm looking forward to sharing some here.
One of the big benefits of meeting with others doing this work is the chance to share our experience, it is good to talk of healing and other experiences within a setting where this is normal,  where no one is shocked by miracles. It is good to be able to express openly that we are more than a physical body , that we are vibrating energy and that we can influence ourselves and others through healing frequencies.
More and more I am finding evidence of our evolution in terms of healing and consciousness. I feel a big shift has happened on many levels and we will see more evidence of this shift in how we heal and in how our level of consciousness rises.

I don't often write about my Reconnective work but yesterday's meeting inspired me to share some of the benefits discovered through scientific research  ( my old training ).

So far, there has been almost two decades of active research by scientists and universities around the world on Reconnective Healing. Several of these research studies were recently published in a book in English by Konstantin Korotkov entitled Science Confirms Reconnective Healing.

One of these studies catalogues findings of a double-blind test carried out by Dr. Korotkov on Russian Olympians and world-class athletes. The athletes were measured before and after Reconnective Healing was administered. They were measured for pulse rate, heart rhythm, energy reserves, speed of recovery and blood parameters over a series of studies.

The results showed that early with all participants there was a rapid positive effect. Half of those who received a Reconnective Healing session had their energy parameters significantly increase and 10 days later their improvement became even more statistically significant. Further studies showed a decrease in blood pressure, increase in metabolic, immune, antitoxin and antioxidant activity in the body, improved cardiovascular function and showed improvements in the DNA.

Dr. Korotkov said, “This signifies the long-lasting effect of Reconnective Healing and its significance for well-being and preparation of athletes.”
Recoctive Healing is not just for athletes Conclusions

The book also confirms  Reconnective Healing has significant, long term positive effects on

Psychological parameters, such as tension, depression, aggression, fatigue and confusion

The immune system, with significant positive changes at the basic cellular level

Increased antioxidant and antitoxic activity

Physical body energy, including decreased blood pressure at rest and after exercise\

Increase in mental power and decreased signs of stress

I love that science confirms our personal findings as healers.

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