Sunday, 24 March 2013

Words have Power

Words have great power.

 It was  my teacher Steven Moore who first drew my attention to the power of words.

 He would invite us to think of words such as Relax as we did our warm-ups , and asked us to notice how including the repetition of the word helped the relaxation process.

What a gift this teaching has been.

Words affect us they awaken responses in our bodies.

Take a few minutes to check this out for yourself .

Here are some Power words ,

 Love , Peace , Silence, Space, Harmony, Joy , Serenity .

Read the list slowly  notice which one resonates with you right now.

Now close your eyes and slowly repeat that word for a few minutes. .  .  .

  .   .  .

Notice how you are feeling ,  if you are like me you will have noticed a shift in your internal feeling , you will be feeling calmer , more connected , more at peace.

The reason this works  ( I believe ) is because  these words are close to our true nature and when we repeat them we tune in to that nature which is always  present.

All these words work for me , sometimes Space feels right often Love is the one. Play with them and find your own favourites.

 With Love Ann

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