Thursday, 21 March 2013

One of John Kells pushing hands exercises.

John's   'T'ai Chi '  in italics because John always said that the T'ai Chi was just the foundation for his pre celtic energy work ,which is all about connection .

John's exercise are often based on spirals or figure 8 exercises.

Wang style T'ai Chi  is the groundwork and the spirals and figure8's are a refinement of the work which (my opinion ) increase the frequency of  energy  vibration in and around our bodies.

These two ways of engaging the body compliment each other very well.

The Yang work develops a calm , focused , strongly rooted body.

John's magical work ,  helps to develops 'short energy ,quickens the
spirit ,  livens the mind, and takes us into whole new realms of reality.

In this version of John's exercise I have added stepping to give it a twist !

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