Tuesday, 19 March 2013


    "  With our thoughts we create our world. "

       I've read and heard this often and now it feels true to me too. 
       So with this in mind let us take some time to 'create ' more love in our lives. 
      Give your self a few minutes to go inside and remember times when you felt 
        really loved or really loving ( gratitude also works as its vibration is very close to love ). 

     Go on close your eyes and recall some of those happy times of love.

    Now that you have found some ,  close your eyes again and dwell in those memories for a few 
    minutes  ( at least 3 to 4 minutes ).

     Dwelling in those loving feelings nourishes body mind and spirit , not only that, those high vibration
    of love   will radiate out from your body and nourish your world. 
    What better service could we be to this world than to live a life of love.

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