Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Dissolving Boundaries

Slow right down for a few minutes come with me on an inward journey to dissolve our ' boundaries'.
Allow yourself to Relax a little more and bring your attention to your fingers. Really feel right down to the tips of your fingers.

 How do they feel ? Are they warm or cold ?

 Close your eyes and feel for a little while.

Already you are relaxing becoming more present.

Now that you are more relaxed feel into your fingers again . This time being your attention to the index fingers on both hands. Feel right to the tips of the index fingers, feel the skin all around the  index fingers.

 Now S L O W down even more,  pay close attention to where your fingers finish and the air begins.
 Close your eyes ( if you need to ) and spend a few minutes investigating.the  sensations you find there.

Notice how you are feeling now , more relaxed more present .

 Like me you too may be amazed that the apparent boundary  between your fingers and the air is impossible to find once one really pays close attention to the sensations at the ' boundary'.

I find this fascinating , investigate this phenomenon at other places in the body , it holds true no matter where one pays close attention.

And so it seems to confirm that we are not separate , not separate from the  outside , we part of a whole continuum , interconnected to everything and everyone.

This feeling of non separation or oneness brings up great feelings of LOVE in me.

  A release of resistance to life , it allows me to welcome this moment fully knowing that it is a perfect expression of Now.

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