Saturday, 9 March 2013

Waking Up

We are not as solid or as material as as we appear to be. We are in fact multidimensional beings of amazing light and beauty.
This light and beauty is our true nature always present, however we are mostly unaware of  this nature due to the heavy baggage of conditioning, the physical body which tends to weigh us down, but primarily because we are not paying attention to this aspect of ourselves.

 We are mostly paying attention on the physical level so this is all we know.

 However it is possible to live on more than this level . It is possible to  ' Wake Up ' to our  multidimensional nature and live in an amazing multidimensional universe.

To do this one needs to have some method to awaken ones awareness to these other dimensions.

T'ai chi , open focus , and meditation, are tools I learned and have found invaluable in awakening me to other ways of experiencing this life journey.
 Reconnection it seems to me is another method . What I find interesting and different about reconnection is it seems to accelerate ones awakening. I can only speak from my experience and the feedback I have received.
 The other aspect of reconnection that I love is that people do not need to have learned to meditate or practice tai chi etc to benefit.  Again in my experience all one needs is an open mind  and a willingness to ' let go ' . Reconnection will do the rest.

We are living in interesting times when inner dimensions of our nature are being revealed in new ways.

I strongly feel it is time to speak out my truth and let know how I feel about this gift foe our time.

Ps  Why not get Eric Pearl's book  -  Heal Others Heal Yourself and get started.

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