Saturday, 16 March 2013

Mysterious T'ai Chi

I often marvel at the mysterious nature of T'ai Chi and wonder how it captured and held my attention for over 20 years actually almost 24 now.
  My scientific mind tries to explain , it examines the physical benefits, increased joint mobility and  fitness, much greater spatial awareness, an ability to work physically with another person.
Those aspects are all on the ' solid ' physical level. But there is so much more . What about the subtle energies  that Tai Chi teaches or rather reveals to us.  these ' strings ' of connection that hold us all in ways that are mysterious and enthralling  These are the aspects that keep me working on this Art .
We all try to understand  them in our own way, and search for words to express aspects that are completely beyond words because these ' strings are working on levels of consciousness or dimensions way beyond this physical level. When we practice together we enter new dimensions and meet on levels that our ordinary mind mostly knows nothing of. Yet these  ' meetings ' leave traces in our energy that affect our physical body.
We  ' know ' this on some level often unconsciously and this is what impels us to practice .

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