Saturday, 23 March 2013

Great Teachers

I have  been pondering  on some of the the great teachers in my life,  thinking about what they share in common.
Passion for and love of their work come to mind. All of these teachers are completely devoted to their work, it is not a 9-5 pursuit.
 They live and  breath the work , so it becomes ' them '. Every cell of their body knows the work and so their work radiates from the inside out.
 This means the energy of their work  in the space around their body it radiates out from them.
. This I believe is why we learn so much in their company, both consciously and unconsciously through  a resonance that occurs between us.
 The more we as students tune into the work the more we resonate with the teaching and teacher and the more we are nourished in and by their presence and teaching.
To recognise a teacher one must be awake to their work this I feel is why some people 'get' a teacher while others are unmoved in their presence.
 Neither person is at fault , it is just that they are on different paths.
 A teaching which is perfect for one person is not necessarily correct for someone else.
 We all come here to grow and learn .
 I believe when we  ' ask ' we are given , given directions to the teachings and teachers who will point us in the right direction for our growth and evolution.
 Each one of us has an inner compass and so we can recognise our teachers, it is our job to use our compass and  keep it close by so we stay on track.

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