Friday, 29 March 2013

Double Figure 8 Exercise

Here is one of John Kells Figure 8 exercises . In this exercise we work both hands simultaneously , drawing  ' earth's ' energy up through our body filling the heart and as it spills out like a fountain we direct it up to
 ' heaven  '  imagining that it reaches to eternity and beyond. We then turn the hands over and direct
  ' heaven's ' energy down through the top of our head  once again filling the heart with energy  ( this time heavens energy ). The hands turn over and direct the energy out from our heart and send it down into the earth to complete one cycle of the energy circuit. The energy can be imagined as a light  ( white or gold ) which cleanses and recharges the body as it passes through.  One can also feel it as a flow  through the body just like an internal shower.

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