Monday, 22 June 2015

Tomorrow in Fitzgerald's Park

Out door practice at the ARC Cass earlier today. It was lovely to be in the garden. Clair took a video for us and I'll post that  once it has uploaded on Vimeo.

For those who have been asking me how to find us in Fitzgeralds Park for tomorrow's Mini Form  Session  @ 6pm ,  I walked through the gardens to where we practise after the ARC Class. Here it is your 'path' to T'ai Chi.

Walking it towards the house then turn left,

Walk along this path towards the band stand,

Then turn right along past this little 'rain shelter',

Between the two ponds,

And we will be here just before you reach the rose garden. If it is rains we will be under the band stand ( but there is a good forecast for tomorrow so we should be able to stay where the group were enjoying some picnic fun today).

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