Saturday, 6 June 2015

2015 Reconnective Healing Fundraiser

     We had a great day of healing in Dervish today.

I was planning to take lots of photos but the day got really busy with people coming and going. I am not very experienced ( yet ) at  running these intensive healing days with lots of practitioners and clients working  sessions one after the other. It was full on all day from 9am until 7pm, so I only just remembered to take a few photos to remember the day.

I am really grateful to all my Reconnective Healing friends who travelled to Cork and gave of their time and energy in aid of Cork ARC Cancer Support.   A big thanks too to all the willing recipients the day would not be possible if you too did not take the time and courage to experience Reconnective Healing. It takes courage to lie down and allow someone to work on your energy body. it is a great privilege to get to work on someone and I speak for all of us on the ' healing' team when I say this Thanks to you for placing your trust in us. 
Finally Thanks to Dervish we are really lucky in Cork to have this great Holistic Healing Centre right in the heart of the city. The atmosphere is warm ,relaxed, and so welcoming a perfect venue in which to share time and  healing.

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