Thursday, 4 June 2015

Reconnective Healing Day

                 Joan and Jo in our 'waiting room ' last year.

Every body's Reconnective Healing experience is unique, in fact in my experience each Healing session even between the same Healer and Client is unique.
 We are always changing and these Frequencies that 'run' through both both of us during a Healing session transform us both.
Each session is private between Healer and Client. We will be using the treatment rooms up stairs in Dervish Holistic Centre 
The room takes on an expectant silence, a very still yet alive vibrant energy pervades the space.
As a healer I am very conscious of being assisted during the session, some higher help is present and it is this 'presence ' that directs my attention. As I see the subtle ( or sometimes very obvious ) registers in the clients body I tune in more and more to the 'Frequencies' and allow them to do their work.
I love that there is no diagnosis or figuring out, our work as Healers is to become the 'conducting rod' for these frequencies, the clients 'work' is to relax as best they can. 
The hardest part is finishing because people always say "It can't be done already, I just want stay here."

   Last year's team from the left, Pauline, Joan, Eileen, Ann, and Karen

Pauline and Eileen will be back again this year along with three more Reconnective healers and a friend who will keep the day flowing along.
There are just two spaces left both at 10:30 am so if you are thinking about it now is your opportunity to experience Reconnective Healing and help support ARC House.


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