Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Focus on the Future, Not on the Past

" Erickson was concerned only with the adequacy of a patent's ( person's) present and future adjustments to reality ( this is one of the a aspects of Releasing that really appeals to me ).  Insights into the mistakes of the past or to past causes of present problems were of minor interest to him. He pointed out that the past is over and be changed. His only concern with the past was that patients develop the ability to look at it carefully and objectively in order to overcome whatever misperceptions or irrational beliefs, or limitations from the past that were influencing their present behaviour. " Ronald A Havens in " The Wisdom of Milton Erickson"
Reading about Milton Erickson's insights and work is thoroughly inspiring on many levels his insights resonate very well with the practice of T'ai Chi which enables us to overcome many of our past limitations, each time we practise and focus our attention on the movements our 'chi' is activated and enhanced, our postural adjustments change how we perceive our world and help us to see in new ways and expand our views of reality.

What I find most interesting and exciting about life is the possibility of growth, of expanding my consciousness and helping others to do the same. I love all methods that lift us to higher dimensions of reality. What is more interesting or satisfying than to enhance one's own experience or to inspire others to reach out and expand their own experience.
Life is always reaching out to us with opportunities to grow all we need is the willingness to respond.

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