Saturday, 20 June 2015

Free Will ?

How does it happen that you set off with the intention of buying some fruit bearing plants and come home with yet more Geraniums!
So I decided to check out the properties of plant from an aromatherapy point of view. 

Therapeutic properties of geranium: Antidepressant, antiseptic, astringent; stops bleeding, possibly gently stimulates the adrenals and normalises hormones
Uses for geranium: In its native Africa, geranium was used as an herb tea to stop diarrhoea and internal bleeding. A popular skin therapy, the essential oil treats a host of problems including inflammation, eczema, acne, burns, infected wounds, fungus (like ringworm), lice, shingles, and herpes.
It also decreases scarring and stretch marks. Use it in the form of a salve, cream, lotion, or massage/body oil, whichever is most appropriate. It balances all complexion types and is said to delay wrinkling. Inhale this pleasant scent to treat PMS, menopause, fluid retention, and other hormone-related problems, or include it in body rubs and bath. 
Interesting but I'm no wiser about free will.  
Now is this more of me wandering off the intention of reflecting on 'Free Will' or is it all part of an order of which we are consciously unaware?
I have no idea! One of the aspects of Releasing that I really find helpful is learning to" Let go of trying to figure things out".
Hale Dwoskin often quotes Sri Ramana Maharshi as saying " If it is to happen you can't stop it and if it is not to happen you can't make it happen."
 Does refute free will ?
 I guess it is best to just act as if we have free will as if we are responsible for our lives and maybe we will get some more insights along the way!

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