Friday, 26 June 2015

Midsummer's Evening

Midsummer and a warm evening,

                                Alone along some quiet country 'lanes',

                         Wild roses, bird song,

               The sweet scent of Elder,

                       Evening shadows ,

                  So much to delight the eye,

                                  Restore the heart,

               And if you gather some Elder .      .       ..            .

                        Why not experiment with making some Cordial

                              Basic Elder Flower Cordial

                           1.5 kg granulated sugar
                           1.7 litres boiling water
                           20 heads of elderlower
                           50 grammes critic acid
                           1 unwaxed lemon ( or lime )sliced

Disolve the cugar in boiling water and leave to cool Once the sugar solution has cooled , put all the ingredients in a bowl, cover and leave for 24 hours at room temperature. Then strain and put in bottles.
                    It's best to collected  the flowers in warm  sunshine with plenty of pollen. It's their pollen that gives the flavour so make sure that you don't wash the flowers or you will lose the flavour.

I'm planning to make some today so I'll let you know how it tastes soon.


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