Wednesday, 28 January 2015

What's Here Now ?

What's here now ?

This question draws us into our current experience.

Just take a moment to motice the sensations in your body right now.

Listen to it's messages, they are speaking to you  moment to moment serving your best interests.

When we take time to STOP and listen to our body's wisdom we become aligned with our higher self. The body never lies it cannot lie , our minds may fabricate all sorts of scenarios but our body never lies.
Each time you take a few moments to Listen to your body you are developing your intuition the more you practice the more you come to experience it's wisdom.

So Stop right now and take a moment Listen to it's sensations.

How are your feet feeling ? really listen and then say thank you to your feet for letting you know how they feel. Now say "I Love You " to your feet.

Listen again, what part of YOUR body is speaking to you right now ?
Now thank that part of your body and again say "I Love You " to that part of your body.

When you make a habit of this practice I promise your life will flow more smoothly , your health will improve and your body and mind will thrive,

Your whole energy body will begin to Hummmmm with Well Being and Love

So  give yourself the attention and Love that you deserve,  you will be adding more Love to our planet and we will all benefit from your LOVE.

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