Saturday, 17 January 2015

Lessons For Friday Morning's T'ai Chi Group

A big welcome to Friday morning's T'ai Chi group, welcome to those who are back to 'polish' the Mini Form and a warm welcome too to those beginning their T'ai Chi journey.

I am noticing that the most popular exercises ( in most classes ) are these simple energy exercises that I developed a few years ago. It is very rewarding to see people feel and enjoy this subtle listening with the body. Even watching the exercise you can 'feel ' the push and pull of the energy.

November workshop from ann on Vimeo.

The video below has the first two lessons of the Mini Form.

trim.12A4739C-E213-483C-97E6-D9A5F6DD5F86 from ann on Vimeo.

And here is the Full Mini Form to help you  'remember ' the work you did already.
So lovely to have you back I'm looking forward to a great term of fun and learning together.

  Full Mini Form from ann on Vimeo.

Here is a link to the BuDDha at the Gas Pump site where you can find a short biography of Anita Moorjani and also her interview  ( a really interesting story ). this is the woman I was speaking about in the class who reminds us to LOVE OURSELVES.    Anita Moorjani

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