Thursday, 22 January 2015

Silhouettes and Steeples On The Way to T'ai Chi

I love being surprised by ' new' views of my favourite steeples.

And skylines from different angles.

Had a coffee with my brother Donal home on a visit from Fiji and frozen with the cold .

We met at the Glucksman on a sunny day.

Donal said that the silhouettes of winter trees are some of his favourite sights as he drives around  visiting people during  these winter visits.  I agree with him I think that our winter landscape is wonderful it even makes up for yhe cold.

More Steeples as I pass through town.

Some barely visible in the distance !

So much beauty in our amazing world.


Robert McKane said...

Very true Ann. We need to slow down or awaken to the beauty around us. Lovely pics. Thanks for the blog. Rob

Ann McIlraith said...

Lovely to get your comment hear and your thanks for my blog.