Saturday, 10 January 2015

Learning to Love Yourself

In order to learn to love yourself fully you need to learn to relax with and in yourself. This takes practice ( at least that is my experience ). In T'ai Chi training we learn to listen to our body, to really feel what is happening in and through and even around our body. This deep listening is great because it accustoms us to different subtle feelings. It also helps us to realise that we can handle feelings even when they are uncomfortable. Anyone who learns T'ai Chi has to deal with being outside their comfort zone.  In the beginning especially when coping with body parts moving simultaneously in different directions. Learning to relax as this is happening takes an effort, it requires you to be present in your body.  Being present in your body has many benefits to both your body and your mind. Your body thrives with this attention especially if it is given in a loving way. If you encourage yourself and acknowledge your body for the effort it is making it will cooperate and blossom with this loving attention. You will notice how your mind calms, this loving attention is like a balm for your mind, it too feels the love attention that you are bestowing on your body and this helps it to relax and feel in 'safe loving hands'. It can begin to drop it's protective guard and begin to relax. It may even surprise you by becoming really quiet.
This is True Love that nourishes both body and mind and opens up worlds previously unimagined.

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