Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Most Powerful Antioxidant

By far the most powerful antioxidant ever is always available and it is absolutely FREE.
Even though it is widely available and always free, in fact maybe because it is always available and free we tend to overlook it.

            LOVE,         LOVE,         LOVE   !

 Love heals all wounds, physical , emotional, spiritual, and financial.
All wounds stem from lack and the basic lack that most of us suffer from is lack of LOVE.
Love heals all wounds, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. When you enquire beneath the surface of problem no matter what they appear to be you will find that there is a search for completion. This sense of completion is never satisfied by external gains ( even though there is Nothing Wrong and Everything Right with having external gains ).
Remember when you had a bad pain ( maybe a tooth ache ) and you told yourself that if only the pain was gone you would be fine and never complain again. The dentist visit sorted out the pain, you forgot about your decision to be fine and sure enough another 'issue ' replaced the toot ache.
 At least that is how I operated, always searching for the next 'fix'. Now there is nothing wrong with with this, in one sense it is what led me to realise eventually that finding those answers to life's issues never solved the basic 'problem' which was hidden beneath all those external issues.
The underlying issue (for me at least and I don't think that I am unusual ) was. a deep sense of unworthiness, or unloveableness. I have found that as I work on Letting Go of my unloving feelings and replace them with LOVING feelings that sense of unworthiness is dissolving and I am learning to LOVE and APPROVE of myself more each day. I have also noticed that this LOVINGNESS doesn't stop with me but extends to my world . People seem more beautiful, the world looks more beautiful and  seems more of a safe Loving place to dwell.
So why not join me in finding the LOVE inside. Listen to Your own voice as you start saying" I LOVE YOU ".

Say  "I LOVE YOU " to your body.

Say  "I LOVE YOU " to your dishes as you tidy up .

Say  "I LOVE YOU "to your work.

Say  "I LOVE YOU "to your nagging mind.

Try it just make a practice of saying  "I LOVE YOU "to everything that arises and watch what happens.

For more on LOVING YOURSELF join us in Blackrock on January 30'th for the next Releasing Session. email me @ for details.

Love And Light  Ann

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