Thursday, 8 January 2015

Body Wisdom

Our bodies are amazing instruments. They speak to us constantly letting us know what we are feeling and inviting us to be intimate with our experience. We however have often estranged ourselves from this wonderful flow of information by focusing our attention on our thoughts and ignoring the sensations in our bodies. Taking a break from thinking centred attention and moving our attention to the sensations happening moment to moment on our bodies is a great way to become more intimate with our feelings.
This may seem strange in the beginning, we have been conditioned to put too much attention on thinking and it takes an effort to tune in to our body. However the benefits are enormous. The body loves to be heard and repays our attention in many ways.
It relaxes more as it begins to feel our interest , it teaches us about it's wisdom letting us know what food suits it, what sleeping patterns suit it , what company suits it.
We begin to awaken to its intelligence, when we tune into our body our intuition opens up and our life begins to flow in ways we could never have imagined . Our mind calms down and paradoxically it too functions better once it is not on over drive.
So why not begin right now and take a moment to ' Look Inside ' and notice the sensations that are happening right now . Feel how your tummy feels , hungry , satisfied , calm , excited , there are no right or wrong sensations, all sensations are simply communication just letting you know what your body is feeling right now. Take a moment to feel the sensation and thank your body for letting you know what it is feeling. Develop a warm relationship with your body and it will support you in everything you do. acknowledge how much it has always been working for you even when you completely ignored it.
 Now is a great time to change this relationship to one of Unconditional Love and to reap the benefits.

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