Sunday, 4 January 2015

A Wonderful Day

First Stop on this trip around Sedona. 

Refreshed with great coffee we took a walk to Oak Creek.

I got to see my first Sheriff's Car !

On up past Slide Rock.

We wound our way,

Up and up,

To see the views.

And enjoy the snow just like the children.

Climbed down to get a sense of just how huge the bridge is.

 This place is vast and awe inspiring, There are a million more photos and memories but it is getting late and I have another adventure tomorrow. This trip has opened my mind and heart , I have made new friends and learned deep lessons.
The most important thing I have found out is that life and people are amazing and that as soon as we realise that we are good life brings us evidence to confirm our beliefs. ( more about that later ).
Love and Light  Ann


Angela Jordan said...

Ann the photographs are amazing. Enjoy the adventure. Hopefully we will meet in 2015. I haven't practices my Tai Chi since your class and I need to get back to it. Angela, Fermoy (Arc House connection.)

Ann McIlraith said...

Thanks for your comment Angela, the adventure was amazing and now I'm delighted to be back here starting a new term of T'ai Chi. Do come and join some day for fun and to reconnect. Love Ann