Thursday, 23 October 2014

Thoughts On The Body

 Study for Adam Michelangelo

It seems to me that most of us have a very ambivalent attitude towards the body. We prefer not to inhabit it fully. We want it to be in optimum health and ' leave us alone ' to get on with life. On some level this is an unconscious recognition that we are not the body, that this body is a vehicle which we use temporally. However I feel that when we live this way , we miss the opportunity to experience life on a deeper level. Yes  I am not this body ( or this mind ) however I have ' borrowed ' this vehicle and I can learn a lot from and through this body if I give it some focused attention.   Becoming more present to this body helps me recognise that it is not 'my SELF.  It's sensations come and go, spending time noticing that all body sensations art temporary allows a more detached attitude to the body, while also having a deep respect and love for this amazing vehicle which affords such a great opportunity for growth and SELF awareness.

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