Saturday, 11 October 2014

Releasing And Allowing A Solution To Appear

Lester Levenson releasing teaches us that solutions are never found at the level of the problem.
 When you have a problem and can not think immediately of how to resolve it , Lester says, "Release, let go of trying to figure out an answer and allow the solution to present itself ".
I had an interesting experience of just how this works this week.
I teach two classes on Friday's both in Cork but not close together so I allow myself plenty of time to travel between the classes. Last week someone asked me ( as a favour ) to give an introductory T'ai Chi sessionn at the hospital during lunch time on Friday , firstly I said no because this time was the  time I travel between my two classes. Then I felt that it would be good to make the effort to fit them in so I agreed. Later as I reflected on the situation I could feel a knot in my stomach and thought to myself " You were stupid Ann to say yes , now you are stressed and will muck up all the classes ". I started to try and figure out some solution ( maybe cancel one of my regular classes ?), Then I caught myself and Stopped . 
I released on my fears of not being able to fit them all in properly. I released on the stress in my stomach . Then each time a negative thought about Friday would arise I would release the thought and imagine the day working perfectly.
Then on Thursday evening I got an unexpected phone call . This call came during T'ai Chi, I always put  my phone on silent when I'm working but somehow had forgotten this time. I had a strong impulse to answer the call so excused myself and was surprised to hear the lady who organised my Friday morning class. She phoned to apologise in advance for her absence the next day. Wow I thought to myself why not take the opportunity to ask her if I would finish the next morning's class 15 minutes early in order to fit everything in with ease.
" That's No Problem ! " she said . you have already given us way beyond what we has asked for so be sure to take the time you need.
This was absolute evidence of a solution  I couldn't have 'figured out' . the more I practice releasing the more I am convinced of it's effectiveness in every situation.

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