Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Becoming Aware of Awareness

The soft conscious movements of T'ai Chi help develop awareness.  This is not necessiarly a comfortable process  because as soon as one becomes more conscious one realises just how frantically active and busy our  minds tend to be.  A similar discomfort arises when one begins to sit in  meditation.

I don't know of any way to avoid this, however realising that this discomfort is actually a sign that you are awakening , that you are becoming more present can hepl.

Knowing that as you become more interested in awareness itself,  rather than it's  contents ( thoughts , emtions etc ) your life will flow more easily , your relationships will become more harmonious, your work will become more fun and enjoyable , knowing all this will help you to percist in the practice and become daily more interested in this subtle awareness that is always present.

This is the awareness that lets you know that you have slept well ( how else would you know next morning when your conscious mind was asleep ? ).

This awareness knows all , loves all, allows all. Befriending this awareness is the greatest healing power of the universe because it is pure unconditional LOVE.

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