Thursday, 30 October 2014

Space And Silence

Just for a moment repeat the word Silence while listening to the silence that surrounds and interpenetrates all the sounds around you.
Silence     Silence      Silence 

   Allow yourself to sense that silence resonating inside of you.
Notice how good it feels to resonate with Silence.

Now for a few moments repeat the word Space while seeing and feeling the Space all around you and the Space that permeates your body and mind.
Space      Space       Space  

  Now allow yourself to resonate with this space , allow it to fill your body-mind awareness.

Notice how your body relaxes and  how your mind relaxes. Notice how good it feels to become aware of Space and Silence. This feels good because the feeling of  Space and Silence are very close to our true nature. Our true nature is beyond words and concepts, when we pay attention to Space and Silence we become more attuned to our natural state of Peace and Connection and so we feel good.

Try it I'm sure you will agree.

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