Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A short visit yo Derreen Garden in Lauragh Co. Kerry


Here is the house in Derreen Gardens, it belongs to the descendants of the Marquess of Lansdowne who was drawn to the area and decided to Derreen his summer house.

He embarked on an ambitious plan to transform the bare rock and scrub oak into the luxuriant garden of today. 

The garden covers over 60 acres and 12 kilometres of paths.

Giving wonderful views of the Caha Mountains.

And Kilmakilloge harbour

Luscious green paths

Where you can see and feel the care and love of trees

Moss covered steps

Mountain Views

Gurgling streams

Mysterious dwellings

Secret bridges

Fungi that have funny faces

And endless corners that draw you on and on. I am so grateful to he Marquess and his descendants for planting and maintaining this treasure.

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